Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 8

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 8


“Come forth, Maathorneferure!”

“Come forth, Maathorneferure!!”

“Come forth, Maathorneferure!!!!!!”

The servant called three times and everyone in the hall looked at the entrance, their body leaning forward, curious to who this “great” gift is. They stared at the door yet no one came in.

After a while, the voices of the soldiers in the distance could be heard: “Hurry up, go inside the hall! Stop putting on airs, you are captives now!”

As people waited in anticipation, they started to whisper among themselves again. There was a trace of confusion on Bifu’s face. Only the Pharaoh sat there with a smug look.

When the person walked into the hall, the hall became silenced again.

Now that the soldiers stepped to the side of the door, the faces of the captive was revealed. The messengers, ministers, and officials couldn’t help but open their mouth in shock and then silently sighed.

The woman who led the rest of the captive is no doubt the “gift” prepared by the Pharaoh. Her long black hair hung down to her waist. She had big black eyes and bright red lips. She wasn’t the most gorgeous woman but had a type of exotic beauty that attracted everyone attention.

Ivy too was attracted by the beauty of the woman. Looking at the number of followers behind her, she should be a member of the royal family. However, they were all dressed in ragged clothes; the people themselves were dirty and some were injured! The faces of the captives were angry and unwillingness could be seen with every step they took. At the end of the group were Egytian soldiers, alert and guarded. Ivy could not help but wonder who exactly is this Maathorneferure.

“Maathorneferure, welcome to Egypt.” Pharaoh Seti I had an arrogant and mocking smile, making Maathorneferure frown.

Maathorneferure slowly raised her head and met the Pharaoh’s eyes, “Kill me.”

Seti laughed, his laughter void of joy sent chills down everyone spine. His gaze quickly turned sharp and cold, “Kill you? How do you know that I won’t kill you?”

Maathorneferure held her gaze, trying to hide her fear.

Seti I took a beautifully crafted pottery from a messenger and released his grip. The pottery fell to the ground and broke into pieces. The fine patterns and luxurious gems were scattered at the foot of the Pharaoh.

“What’s the difference between killing you and destroying this doll?”

Ivy watched the scene from a distance. It was like watching an ancient movie only this scene is no act—the fierce, cruel and ruthless is real that it’s scary. A trace of chill rose from the bottom of Ivy’s heart. No wonder matters pertaining to life and death means nothing to Bifu. With a father like that, it’s only natural he took after his father’s ruthlessness. She looked at the expressionless Bifu, which is in stark contrast with the ministers and princes who had slight fear on their faces. Maathorneferure’s face is pale and she bites her lip, trying to stand straight.

Seti glanced coldly at Maathorneferure and turned to Bifu. “My son, this is the gift I prepared for you.”

Ivy’s heart tightened a bit.

“Let me introduce this princess, she is the seventeenth princess of the Hittite Kingdom, Maathorneferure.”

This time, the expression of Bifu changed slightly. “The seventeenth princess… It is said that she is the most cherished princess of the Hittite Pharaoh. As a princess of the enemy country, how were able to capture her?”

“Haha!” Setty smiled very proudly. “Maathorneferure came to the border city in order to escape her father’s grasp. She was recognized by one of our men and captured.”

“Hey, father, this is very strategic…” Bifu lowered his voice, slightly leaning towards his father. “You can use her as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Hittite and ask for a city in exchange for her. The Pharaoh of Hittite cherishes the seventeenth princess so he will definitely agree.”

Setty smiled and spoke normally, allowing everyone to hear.

“This kind of exchange, I don’t care about one or two small cities. If we give the princess back to the Hittite, Hittite will use this as a reason to launch a border war and violate the treaty. However,” there was ambition and arrogance in the eyes of the Pharaoh. “Hittite will be Egypt’s sooner or later. I will lead a thousand troops, go straight to the capital and capture the throne. At that time, what are a few princesses, what is a few cities? I will have all!”

The messengers have been talking to each other and they are all surprised by the declaration of Seti I. Faced with many foreign emissaries, such claim is arrogant and rude. However, the face of the Egyptian ministers rose red with excitement.

Seumas stood up and trembled with excitement, holding up a wine glass. Ivy feared that his old heart wouldn’t be able to take such excitement. “Long live, Your Majesty! Long live, Egypt!”

The ministers stood up and blessed Seti I with Seumas leading. Although the messengers had some dissatisfaction on their faces, they all had to follow the toast. The discontent is heard with the whispering.

“The Egyptian Pharaoh is really arrogant…”

“The power of Egypt is too much, giving me a headache… Even if the military power of the Egyptian Pharaoh is so strong, he shouldn’t openly speak about taking over a country. Where’s the etiquette in diplomacy…”

Bifu is aware of the dissatisfaction of the messengers despite the joy on their faces. Unlike his fathers who only have military abilities, he is equally talented in dealing with politics and diplomacy. He knows that the words of Seti I is inappropriate and that the old ministers such as Seumas are only adding oil to the fire. While he hesitated to come up with a proper reason to ease the foreign diplomats’ anger, the captive princess spoke.

“Stupid Pharaoh of Egypt, I am afraid that before I become dust, your arrogance will first build a golden grave for yourself.”

Ivy gently shook her head. This beautiful princess seems smart, but she said such offensive words. Earlier, she was fearful of death but now she is openly courting death. Perhaps living in the palace has spoiled her to the point where she says what’s on her mind without thinking about the consequences.

Sure enough, as Ivy thought, this ignorant criticism is like casting a stone. The messengers were silenced, waiting to see the good play. The ministers suddenly became agitated and Seti’s face became cold like ice.

There is a sigh of relief from Bifu. Perhaps father will exile or kill her and will not force him to accept such a woman as his concubine.

What is surprising is that Seti has a smile on his face. Although he is old, he still had a strange glow in his eyes, making him appear young. It was a smile filled with ridicule, a bit of coldness, and a bit of evil.

“Maathorneferure, I will not kill you now. I want you to be my son’s concubine but you will never be given a formal ceremony of marriage. Can your Hittite country bear this humiliation? The most beautiful and cherished seventeenth princess can only be a concubine of an Egyptian prince without a title. She fled her arranged marriage and voluntarily came to Egypt!”

Maathorneferure has no color on her face and has become even paler. Perhaps for a civilian, such treatment is an improvement, at least for food and clothing. However, she is a princess who was given the best of everything. Seti’s words have made her feel humiliated and politically deterrent. If the news is passed back to Hittite, she will return to the motherland without face, and will be cast aside by the subjects of the Hittite Kingdom. Although this is not the whole truth, it is very easy to misunderstand. 

Her lips quivered and she glared at Seti I.

Seti I turned to Bifu, “My son, aren’t you going to take your new concubine to the side palace?”

The most favored son of Seti I, the Regent Prince of Great Egypt, the future Pharaoh, did not know why but he hesitated.

At the other end of the hall, Ivy looked at the bag that was hanging on her side. In the bag, the snake-shaped gold bracelet is lying there…

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