Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 7

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 7


Ivy didn’t understand why she didn’t wear it right away when she first got the bracelet. If she did, she would be brought back to modern times.

She didn’t understand the expectations she had in her heart and why she feels a little bit sad.

Avoiding the joyous crowd, she quietly returned to the room. She took out the gold bracelet from her bag and carefully examining it. The snake’s eye made of ruby ​​stared at her, leaving her slight fearful. Don’t you want to return home? If you put it on, you can go back and abandon the ridiculous hope of being with Bifu and return to your brother’s side.

She raised the bracelet and stared at it before putting it down.

I have this bracelet so I can go back at any time. Since I came to Ancient Egypt, it’s okay to stay a little longer. Anyway, my brother is getting married, and I’d still won’t be happy if I go back. It’s better to go and see the celebration of the Prince of Egypt. After all, this opportunity is not always available. Perhaps returning to modern times, I can write several articles about Ancient Egypt. Convinced that this is why she’s staying, she put the bracelet back into the bag and walked to the hall.

In the hall, everyone is holding a glass of wine. There are laughter and joy on their faces.

As the Pharaoh, Seti I sat on the grand gold chair in the middle of the hall, sitting lazily yet dignified on the cushion made of soft camel fur. Sitting next to him is Bifu and beside Bifu is Mentus and other elite guards. Next, are the young princes who still lives in the capital, and then the ministers such as Seumas. Then it is the messengers and entourage of the countries.

Ivy wrapped her hair with a cloth and wore a veil, mixing with the messengers’ entourage. The entourage is from different countries, so their clothes and appearance are novel and varied. Ivy finds a low-profile position to sit.

Is this the banquet of Ancient Egyptian? It seems to be a meeting of the ambassadors of the nations rather than a celebration of the flood of Nile. Although every country is prideful and arrogant, in front of the mighty and rich Egypt, they still have to show their respect, and they have sent messengers to present gifts to the Pharaoh. Whether it is gold and silver jewelry or beauties, there is a surplus of it. The unique style and luxury of ancient times almost made Ivy blind.

With a hearty laugh, Pharaoh Seti turned to Bifu, “My son, have you seen the tribute? Anything you want, I will give it to you. While I was busy conquering the Hittite, you led in my stead and manage the political affairs, removing few corruptions. Your deeds, your father the Pharaoh have heard of it. I must reward you.”

Respectfully answering, “Father, helping father to manage politics is my duty, no extra reward is needed, and I have enough riches, no need—”

“Haha! Then I will give you other gifts.” Pharaoh Seti I interrupted him. “Many countries want to form an alliance with Egypt. I ordered the princesses and noble ladies of all countries to come tonight. I will introduce them to the princes.”

He claps his hands, and the servant beside him called, “Libya Princess, Lamya!”

Then the servant at the door shout, “Libya Princess, Lamya!”

Then another voice further away shouted, “Libya Princess, Lamya…”

After a while, a row of people, led by a girl dressed in gorgeous Egyptian clothing, enters the hall. She is about fifteen years old, quite chubby-looking. She slowly walked in and led the attendant team behind her to the Pharaoh. However, as she was walking, she tripped on her own feet, almost falling. Fortunately, the maid behind her reacted quickly and held her.

Bifu frowned. Then, as if Pharaoh Seti I had not seen the clumsiness of the Libyan princess, said tonelessly, “Lamya, welcome to Egypt.” Then, he turned his head to the side, “Sef,” he called.

A prince, about thirty years old, stood up from the side.

“As your second concubine has just died of an illness, Lamya will take her place as your second concubine. You two shall wed tomorrow.”

“…Yes.” The prince, name Sef, seems unwilling but still accept the decree. Ivy couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him.

Seti I continued. “After seven days, you will leave for Giza. I appoint you as the consulate general of Giza and its surrounding areas.”

There was a surprise on his face, but he quickly thanked him. There is a lot of murmur in the hall.

“What a pity. He may be the eldest prince but in the end, he is only granted the position of a mere consular officer of the northwest border…”

“Although it is not that great of a position, it’s better than the other princes who have no real power. It seems that the rumors that His Majesty wants to crown the second prince as the next Pharaoh are true.”

“The second prince may be healthy but the Pharaoh still gave him the title “Son of the Previous.” The Regent Prince is a great contender for the throne; he is not to be taken lightly.”

“Hey, be careful… others are listening… “

The two attendants thought that they were whispering quietly, but Ivy heard everything. She feels that this whole ordeal is not that simple. The northwestern border of Egypt is bordered by Libya. The intention of Seti’s move became very clear at once; Egypt and Libya will be united by marriage while keeping a watchful eye on the Libyans. At this time, she could not help but revere Seti I.

Seti I cleared his throat, interrupting Ivy’s thinking, and ending all conversations. “Lamya, go and rest. It’s been a long journey.”

“Yes.” Princess Lamya bowed before leaving the hall.

“Come forth, daughter of Seumas, Camelia.”

Seumas’s daughter? An old man walking with a cane had a proud smile on his face, occasionally nodding to the people around him. Ivy recognizes this man as the person who accused her of being a spy. Ivy didn’t understand why he was so hostile to her. Maybe, he doesn’t want Ivy to compete with his daughter. However, one needs to be of royalty to marry into the royal family. Thus, it’d be impossible for Ivy or Seumus’s daughter to be married to a prince unless they are taken in as a concubine.

Although Seaman is old enough to be knocking on death’s door, his youngest daughter, Camelia, is very beautiful. Ivy’s heart couldn’t help but flash a bit of dissatisfaction. There are countless beauties, what’s so special about her? It seems that in this time period, the greatest reward is a beautiful woman.

“Seumas,” Seti began, “You are my great minister. Your second daughter is also one of my favorite wives. To thank you for your loyalty, your daughter Camelia will be the fourth prince’s consort princess. In the future, you will transfer your loyalty to the next Pharaoh and assist him to govern Egypt.”

Seumas hid the dissatisfaction in his heart and hurriedly kneel. “Thank you, Your Majesty, thank you, Your Majesty!” Camelia also kneels, thanking the Pharaoh.

So she’s not marrying Bifu.

Ivy was relieved and then furrowed her eyebrows. What’s the point in marrying a prince who will not inherit the throne? The second daughter married the king and the youngest daughter will marry the son of the king. From her point of view, this is incest! She looked up, settling her gaze at Bifu; his beautiful face is expressionless. One day, he will become king. Soon, he will also use marriage as a means to consolidate his political power and expand his sphere of influence. Marriage will be a tool and mean nothing. To an Egyptian Pharaoh, this is only natural.

When Ivy thinks of it, there is a bitter taste lingering in her mouth. A few days ago, he showed her his gentle and devoted eyes filled with love. Will he give another girl that same look? Ivy shook her head and wanted to ignore the heartache she felt. She stared at Bifu, lost in thoughts.

When she finally snapped out of her thoughts, Bifu was looking her way. She panicked and immediately lowered her head, pretending to straighten her clothes.

“My child, is something the matter?”

Hearing Seti’s question, he diverted his eyes from the corner of the hall. Strange, I thought I saw Nefertari… He shook his head. Nefertari can’t be here, at a banquet for messengers of various countries.

“Nothing, Father. Sorry to distract you.” Bifu’s thoughts drifted back to Nefertari. I wonder what she’s doing now…  Instead of watching father bestow marriages to my brothers, it is better to go back and hold Nefertari. He smiled, it seems like she is always on his mind. When he thinks of her, he is even more eager to go to her. “Father, I am a little tired due to organizing the celebration for the past two days. Please allow me to retire to bed.”

Seti smiled. “I know that you feel bored. Don’t worry, father will not let you down. You will be satisfied with my gift to you. Come on! Bring Maathorneferure.”

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helloooo, so there has been other people translating this novel which makes me question if I should continue. After all, my translation are average at best. Anyways, expect weekly updates 😉

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