Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 6

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 6


“Sirius is up! Sirius is up!” 

“The flood is about to begin!”

“Get ready for the sacrifice! I am afraid the festival will be earlier this year!”

“I hope that this year will have fertile land and there will also be a good harvest!”

The Nile River floods for two months from August to October every year. When the wolf star appears on the horizon, the water of the Nile will start to rise in the water, and then bring the waves of life to both sides of the river. After the water recedes, it will leave a rich soil, bringing Egypt a steady stream of vitality.

Egypt, no doubt, is the son of the Nile. People respect the Nile and rely on it to survive.

Therefore, the first sacrifice after the rise of Sirius is particularly important.

At this time, in the palace of Thebes, the capital of Upper Egypt, it was even more jubilant.

Pharaoh Seti I won in a small border battle against the Hittite kingdom, and on the night of his triumphant return, Sirius appeared in the night sky.

“How lucky! Egypt’s fortunate! She floods from the margins of the earth, the desert is moist, the earth is full of water. Nile, you are God, do everything… Only you give life to Egypt…”

“Long live the Pharaoh!”

“Pharaoh! Please convey our respect to the goddess of the Nile!”

“I wish Egypt to last forever!”

In Ivy’s view, the people under the high palace platform are already in a state of madness. When Pharaoh Seti I appeared and recited the praises of the Nile, the people of the audience, men, women, and children, shouted words of praise. To witness this craziness and excitement, Ivy could not help but feel deeply shocked! Seeing it all, it is more vivid, lifelike, and loud than the description of words in any book.

“Nefertari!” The voice of Bifu came from behind.

Ivy turned back and couldn’t help but be shocked by his appearance.

Today, Bifu looks particularly imposing! For the ceremonies, he put on very formal dress-like clothes. Wearing gold hair accessories on his head, the gold cobra is lifelike; his chest is decorated with a piece of shiny gold jewelry, attached to his shoulders is a fine workmanship dark cloak; the lower body is no longer wearing casual shorts, but is a pure white dress with embroidered gold thread.

The Prince who always holds her in his arms with an easygoing personality is absent. After wearing formal attire, his nobility is enhanced. His eyes were sharper than usual and he wore an arrogant smile. Ivy couldn’t help but feel the distance between them increasing. Behind him, the mighty red-haired Mentus, the wise Litah, and the servants followed. Everyone is dressed neatly.

Ivy couldn’t help but look down at her clothes, feeling underdressed. Although there are many women’s clothes in her room to pick from, she prefers the simplest white dress and doesn’t wear any jewelry. Even so, such simple attire only enhances her small delicate face. Walking in the palace, if not for her golden hair and pale skin, with her simple clothes and thin body, others will mistake her as a servant, not as the Prince’s lover.

At this point, she felt that compared with a group of glamorous ancients in front of her, she seemed too shabby. In modern times, because she often attends various cocktail parties and social occasions of her brother and father, she pays great attention to what she wears in public, and will always be a high-profile figure. However, compared to these ancient people, she lost.

Plain white dress, tailored to be slightly thicker than a usual dress because she feels it’s more convenient. Her hair was put down without any accessories, arms bare without any jewelry, except for gold bracelet that could possibly bring her back to the present. Ivy felt the gold bracelet was too precious to wear so she placed it inside a small bag beside her.

She was a little embarrassed so she hid to the side, but Bifu walked towards her, and called her name a few times, causing everyone in the room to look at her, which made her feel even more embarrassed.

“Nefertari, come with us, follow me, I’ll show you the great celebration of my Egypt.”

Behind Bifu, the ministers, attendants, and palace ladies, in addition to Mentus and Litah, began to whisper, and they could not help but reveal their suspicions and disdain of Ivy.

Aware of their stares and hostility, Ivy shook her head. “No, no, no, I see it very clearly from here.”

Bifu furrowed his eyebrows, feeling annoyed. He pulls her hand and led her to the platform to watch. “Nefertari, you refuse me! I will not let you go today, come with me, you are not dressed properly, then stand in the back, you are not allowed to disobey.”

He also knows that she is not dressed properly! Then why is he forcing her to follow him? She is feeling humiliated!

“Nefertari!” He did not wait for her to refute and said in a commanding tone. “Tonight, I will show you how strong and great Egypt is! See if it’s better than your country!”

He remembers to show her, to prove her wrong on why Egypt is greater than any other country. The ancients are so simple; their nationalism is quite envious. Bifu’s excitement and the arrogance in his eyes silence Ivy. She smiles, if he knew how “great” and advanced the modern world is, would he still try to sell Egypt to her?

“You stand right here!” Bifu places Ivy at the corner of the high platform. There are two ladies on her side. One lady keeps staring at Ivy and the other is suspicious of Ivy’s inappropriate attire. Although Ivy feels uncomfortable, she acts like there’s nothing wrong and watches the celebration.

After Bifu’s speech, he led a group of people and wore a proud smile to the front of the high platform. When he appeared in front of the public, a wave of deafening calls broke through the night sky. Ivy couldn’t help but be surprised that such a young man was supported by the people.

It was not long ago when people looked down on him.

“My son! You see, the people support you like this, come to me.” Pharaoh Seti I was dressed in magnificent Pharaoh clothes, holding a wand symbolizing power in his hands, with the authority of the Pharaoh, he calls the Prince to his side.

“Father!” The Prince quickly goes to the Pharaoh to kneel before him, “My father, the Pharaoh won, and on that very day, Sirius rise, this is a good sign!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Pharaoh Seti I laughed heartily. “My great Egypt, when I become a god, Egypt will be handed over to you, my son! You must guard this fertile land, expand my territory and strengthen my national strength! My son, come. Look at this sacred river and see these vibrant people.”

“Long live the Pharaoh! Long live Egypt!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Pharaoh Seti I suddenly changed the topic. “Today’s an auspicious day, I would like to bestow your marriage, and would like you to marry the first princess as soon as possible. Your brothers have numerous wives and children yet you have none. You are already twenty years old, and you must have heirs for the sake of this Royal family.”

The Pharaoh paused before saying in a slightly low but very harsh voice. “I heard that you have a taken a foreigner to be your lover, and have the intention to make her a Concubine. I am not against it, but before that, you must marry a few formal princesses. Otherwise, your prestige will be questioned. There will be more women to have and love.” Pharaoh Seti I laughed heartily. “Courtiers, come with me! Today, I am bestowing a concubine to my son.”

Pharaoh Seti I came into the palace from the platform with a courtier, a prince, and a servant. The Prince silently follow Pharaoh, his thoughts unknown.

Ivy stood in the dark, no one noticed her, and she just heard the words of the Pharaoh.

Bifu is the seventh prince but is acknowledged as a Regent Prince. In addition to his extraordinary political abilities, he is where he is now because of his father’s love. Since Bifu will become the Pharaoh in the future, it is inevitable that he will have numerous wives and concubines. He is already twenty years old and has no descendants. It is a very strange thing.

Stroking the gold bracelet in the bag around her, she couldn’t help but think secretly, maybe the day she went back… it’s finally here. This time, she’ll have no excuse.

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helloooo. first chapter of the year! seriously. haha…

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