Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 5

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 5



Egypt is known as the “Kingdom of God.” From the Royal family to the civilians throughout the country, all believe in gods.

To everyone, Pharaoh is a special existence. He is not only a monarch who was above all his subjects but also the mediator between the gods and the people. Since the beginning, the Pharaoh has been fulfilling this duty of maintaining the stability of Egypt and defending justice, order, and truth.

 After the Pharaoh’s death, he will become a god and continue to guard this sacred country.

Pharaoh is also the highest sacrifice of all the temples in Egypt. He will build a variety of monuments and temples to show his respect for God and to convey the various origins of people to God. Thus, sacrifices are very important and must be executed carefully and properly.

As the mother river of Egypt, the Nile River brings Egypt fertile soil every year. Agriculture is the most important pillar industry, so the Nile goddess is also one of their most respected gods. At the festival, the Pharaoh, princes, and the priests will all be present and celebrate with the people. Therefore, this sacrifice is also one of the most important and largest sacrifices in Egypt.

When the Prince of Egypt, heir to the throne, announce to the people at this ceremony that he would take his first concubine, it was equivalent to the saying, “all hell broke loose.”

The ministers and officials in the room voiced their opinions and soon the room was filled with chatter. Watching his subjects going crazy with their saliva flying everywhere, the Prince felt a headache coming. At the time, the Pharaoh was battling the Hittites so he took advantage of the opportunity to announce his decision of taking Nefatari as his Concubine. Although it was noisy, there was one thing everyone said—“no!” There were some who would rather die than accept this.

“His Royal Highness! Absolutely not! You cannot just marry anyone—especially not a foreigner with an unknown background. The first wife you marry must be a Princess of royal blood! After that, you can marry anyone you like. “

His Highness casually waves his hand, silencing them. “Who I marry will be decided by me. My decision is final, Nefertari will be my Royal Concubine, regardless if she’s a princess.”

“His Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness… You are the son of the Former Pharaoh! You are above millions of people. If you want to take in a Concubine, she must at least come from a prominent family, not an unidentified lady. As your loyal subjects, we cannot let you commit such an act. Your body is gold and must be with the best!”

“Impudent!” The Prince’s patience is wearing out, “I am the son of Pharaoh, blessed by gods, you dare defy me? Speak!”

Ah, my life is more important. The minister hid to the sidelines.

“His Highness, even if you don’t think about your subjects, you have to think for your country! The West is attacking us, the Nubian is constantly disturbing the South, and the war between the North and the Hittite Kingdom has not ended! You need to marry a princess of a powerful country and consolidate the power of our country. Otherwise, Egypt will weaken and never have peace.”

The Prince looked for the owner of this voice before stopping at Seumas. He was conflicted; obviously, Seumas is right. As heir to the throne, he fully understands what he must do. Marriage has always been the best solution for the royal family to consolidate their strength. As the first prince, he has not married anyone to help his country. It is indeed inappropriate. When he was fifteen years old, his father gave him a foreign princess, but she was robbed and killed by a group of bandits on her way to Egypt.

Seen as a bad omen, no country dare to give their princess to Egypt and thus his marriage was postponed.

Thinking about it, it was impulsive and inappropriate of him to marry Nefertari without marrying a proper princess. Furthermore, the Pharaoh will definitely oppose it, and might even kill Nefertari. However, he feels that if he doesn’t marry Nefertari at soon as possible and make her his, she will disappear and he may never see her again. The voice in his head is urging him to marry her or else it’ll be too late.

He took a deep breath and waved his hand at Seumas. “Thank you for all of your advice, I have decided… I will marry Nefertari as my Concubine.” The subjects began to open their mouths, ready to object but then he continued, “But I also listened to Seumas and will reconsider the time and manner of marrying her.”

This is His Highness’s compromise and the ministers and officials can’t help but admire Seumas. However, there was a bad premonition in the subjects’ hearts—His Highness will stop at nowhere until he marries Nefertari!

That Nefertari is not a simple character—she must be eliminated for the sake of Egypt!

“Ha-Chu!” Ivy, who was leaning against the window, looking at the Nile, sneeze for no reason. “Who is talking about me?”

The Nile Festival will begin tomorrow, and in other words, she will become the wife to a man of three thousand years ago! She still can not accept this reality. If she becomes a Concubine to Bifu, she may never be able to return home, to her brother’s side. But she must also ask herself a question…

Why haven’t you escaped yet?

Am I afraid? Afraid to escape the palace in fear of being killed? Afraid that when she leaves the palace, she won’t return home? Afraid that without the Prince’s protection, she won’t survive out there? She’s afraid, but that’s not a good reason. Thinking of the pair of beautiful amber eyes, Ivy had to admit she didn’t want to leave him.

Her brother’s figure began to blur in her memory, the only thing left is the pain of heartache. Her constant contact with Bifu has made her heart warm and she cannot control her feelings. What she is really afraid of is falling in love, only to be hurt again.

But she must think logically! He is a man from three thousand years ago. She can’t have any influence on his life or alter the course of history. He is the Prince of Egypt, the future Pharaoh, heir to Seti the first. He will have countless wives, countless concubines, and countless children to consolidate his dynasty. His life will be composed of countless wars, monuments, and various legal policies. In three thousand years, everything in his life will be recorded into symbols on the murals of several pyramids in Egypt, his name is known in history.

When she came to Egypt, she borrowed the name Nefertari. Will she occupy a small place in his heart? If so, she is really honored!

“Nefertari!” The familiar voice broke her thoughts, and Ivy quickly turned around.

Walking over, it is very natural to bring her into his arms. The feeling of safety and comfort made Ivy feel sad. She… is she getting used to being in his arms?

“Nefertari…” Bifu looked at her, his eyes gentle and his voice had a pamper sound to it, “My Nefertari.”

Ivy felt she couldn’t remain calm and she took a deep breath, “What happened?”

The tone was unexpectedly cold, hiding the tremor in her voice. He did not notice the subtle change and was used to her indifference to him. He just hugged her tightly, caressing her face. “Nefertari, I wish I could have you now!” Hearing his words, Ivy’s heart cannot help but beat faster. “But I… I have to wait until the day to marry you so that you really belong to me.”

“After tomorrow’s ceremonies… I will arrange a ceremony to marry you as soon as possible.” Bifu said firmly and there is no hesitation in his amber eyes. Although he is above millions of people, he is below the Pharaoh so he can’t do anything rash. He can’t make her his official Concubine and a sense of frustration filled his body. He wants her to be his!

Perhaps, when he first saw her, he knew he wanted her and she was destined to be his for the rest of his life.

Her blue eyes are as clear as the sky, and the blond hair is as dazzling as the sun. Such beauty caught his attention.

While killing Kheti, although she was very scared, she still stopped him from torturing Kheti. He could tell she has a big heart; although she is a child, she is very knowledgeable about the Nile. He admired her intelligence and the arrogant look in her eyes when she spoke of a solution to the farmers’ problem. She was embarrassed when she cried and told him how much she loved her brother. He can’t help but be jealous and long for the day to be her “favorite person.”

Unconsciously, he has fallen in love with her…

He took out a bracelet from his pocket, pulled Ivy’s hand, and gently said to her, “Nefertari, I don’t have enough power and I can’t do as I please but when I will become Pharaoh, I promise to pamper you even more and satisfy all your wishes.”

So she won’t marry him tomorrow? Ivy’s heart breathes a sigh of relief but there was a little bit of disappointment and emptiness. She shook her head and looked at the bracelet.

It was a beautifully crafted gold bracelet, shaped like a beautiful and elegant snake, and the snake’s eyes was a beautiful ruby. When Ivy met its eyes, there was a glimmer of light.

“Ah… that bracelet!” Ivy couldn’t help but exclaim softly. That bracelet! That bracelet is the gift that gege Xian gave her. It is because of this bracelet that she went back in time to Ancient Egypt!

“Do you like it?” Bifu took her shocked expression as happiness and he couldn’t help but feel proud. “I had this bracelet made for you. In Egypt, snakes are the symbol of supremacy. You wear this bracelet to show that you are mine, and you… will become be mine. Soon.” He pulled her hand to put the bracelet on her.

Ivy pulled her hand away, making Bifu irritated by her actions. “Nefertari! You don’t accept my gift?” There were undisguised anger and a hint of hurt in his voice.

She’s not wrong, this is the same bracelet gege Xian gave her. This bracelet is the bridge that separates Ancient Egypt and her home.

If she wears it now, maybe she can go back! Ivy feels that her heart pounding profusely. This bracelet is the key to go home!

Ivy’s eyes were locked on the gold bracelet.

“Nefertari!” Bifu was confused, what is she thinking about?

Ivy was awakened by his call. She took the bracelet from his hands. From an outsider perspective, it looked like she robbed him. This made Bifu surprised. She was never interested in the previous gifts. What made this one special?

But Ivy did not wear it. She just looked at the bracelet and said softly, “I… I have never seen such a beautiful jewelry. In fact, I am a bit reluctant to wear it… I really like it, thank you for giving it to me, I’m very happy to accept it!”

With this bracelet, can I finally return home?

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