Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 4

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 4


The Nile, our mother!

Allow Egypt to Prosper

Grace us fertility!

I am here to praise you, and I am here to pray to you

Grant us endless prosperity

 Let Egypt exist for all eternal

Let me Ramses, to be known in history


“Yes, sacrifice, it starts the day after tomorrow.”

“What is the sacrifice about?”

“…” Litah is stunned. This girl was able to come up with the plan of building fortifications but she doesn’t even know what is the upcoming sacrifice for.

“Why do you sacrifice?” Ivy repeated when he didn’t answer her.

Litah could not help but smile. As the youngest Prophet in Egypt who also carry the blood of the Royal family, Ivy is the only one who dares to ask him so aggressively and impatiently.

“The Nile is finally rising.” He contains his surprise and answer, “In the next sixty days, the God of the Nile River will bring us fertile soil and bless me. We pray that Egypt will remain strong in the upcoming year and still be rich in agriculture. At that time, all the notable prophets in the country, His Majesty, and all the princes will be present, and the celebration will continue for a few days.”

Uh… talking about the princes, Ivy only knows one which is Bifu.

As if reading her thoughts, Litah added: “His Highness, who is the son of the former Pharaoh, and the Regent Prince, will naturally attend and plays a very important role in this sacrifice. Sooner or later, His Highness will inherit the throne. He is the pride of our people and the hope of Egypt’s future. I believe that Egypt will be stronger in his hands.” After saying this, he suddenly felt that these words are not appropriate. He looked at Ivy, but she did not seem to notice it. Instead, she seems to be thinking about something else, her expression solemn.

“Who is the current Pharaoh?”

Why did you suddenly ask such imprudent question? Litah sighed, his expression equivalent to the modern facepalm, but his good manners taught him to answer her question: “Title of His Majesty: Seti.”

“Seti… the first?” Ai Wei murmured, lost in thoughts. She felt that she had heard the name before.

“Litah!” Ivy called.

Litah has long been accustomed to her loudness and gave her a gentle smile.  

“Litah, you… thought about using the Nile’s buoyancy… to build the fortifications? And to transport large stones?”

“Of course,” Litah did not know where this is going.

“Oh…” If she knew she would go back in time, she would’ve memorized the history! So they have begun to use buoyancy to build large fortifications… then what era is this? The current Pharaoh is Seti… Damn, when did he reign? If she can think of any information about this era, she can sell her knowledge in exchange that they will send her home.

Litah looked at Ivy’s various expression and started to get suspicious. This girl also knows about their solution to transport large stones. Perhaps what Seumas said is not unreasonable; she may be a spy. Ordinary women don’t usually know about these things because it’s too complicated. Even if she is a spy, she has His Highness’s protection. Litah felt a headache coming.

  His Highness is interested in her which makes her dangerous.

At first, Mentus and he were ordered to look for a beautiful girl who has an exotic charm. This was supposed be a gift for General Tata who loves exotic girls. On the night of the banquet, Tata had been successfully hooked, but His Highness wanted her for himself, almost ruining the plan. Afterward, His Highness decided to keep her, treating her like decoration. When the trusted official Seumas accused her of being a spy, His Highness did not hesitate to protect her.

This is not good.

For the sake of His Highness, perhaps he should… Litah’s eyes turned cold, and he slowly clenches his hands. For Egypt, he is willing to do anything, even if it means his hands will be stained with blood.

“Nefertari!” The familiar, overbearing voice broke the murderous aura that was directed at Ivy. Ivy looked back and it was Bifu, displeasure written on his face. She furrowed her eyebrows, she realized she has not seen him for a while.

He strode over, ignoring the guards and maids who greeted him and went straight to Ivy, pulling her into his arms. Ivy was pressed against his chest, ignorant to the deadly look Bifu was giving to Litah.

Litah couldn’t help but smile again. He followed His Highness for several years but this is the first time he received such a cold look from His Highness. Really, it seems the years the Litah have known His Highness is nothing compared to the month with Ivy.

Litah could not help but be fearful; if His Highness came a little later, Nefertari would have already died. If so, I am afraid that I will also be killed by His Highness himself. When he thinks of it, he quietly retreats to the side, bowing.

No longer sensing him as a threat, His Highness turned his attention back to Ivy, watching her futile attempts to free herself from his embrace.

“Nefertari, have you thought about me for the ten days I was gone?”

Ivy stared blankly at him, not answering him. His Highness felt annoyance slowly rising but then he smiled before sighing. “Forget it, this Prince is in a good mood today.”

Litah bowed, “His Highness, welcome back.” Then he nodded to the man behind His Highness. “General Mentus, thank you for your hard work.”

His Highness had a smile on his face, looking down at the unhappy Ivy, “There are many farmers who are willing to work in the minings during the flood of the Nile. It seems that the pyramid that father wants will be built ahead of time! Litah, how is the preparation of the festival coming along?”

“Answering His Royal Highness, everything is going well, and the Pharaoh will be able to return to the capital tomorrow for a day of rest.”

“Mentus, you’re in charge of the security. There will be many assassins during the festival so make sure that there are no mistakes.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Ivy slowly looked up, her eyes deep in thought. It seems that this Prince has real authority and power. Ivy didn’t realize she was staring at him until he met her eyes. She quickly lowered her head and squirmed her fingers, her face red from embarrassment. She knows it’s rude to stare at people but she can’t help herself; he’s simply too good looking!

“Since you understand, leave.” Hearing his command, everyone bowed before leaving. Within seconds, there are only two people in the room. The quiet atmosphere has become awkward. Ivy could hear her heart beating profusely and felt embarrassed to look at His Highness.

Feeling annoyed that she wouldn’t look at him, the overbearing Prince lift up her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Hey, it hurts! Let go!” Ivy protested. Really, he does not know how to treat a lady!

Disregarding her discomfort, he became serious and asked, “Nefertari, have you thought about me these past ten days?”

 Oh, yes, this person left for ten days to go to the minings. No wonder she felt relaxed, comfortable, and a little… bored? Thinking of this, Ivy shook her head. “I don’t care where you’re going. I just want to know when I can leave this place and where is my paycheck for keeping you company.”

Hearing her answer, there was a subtle disappointment in his eyes.

Completely ignoring Ivy’s words, he said, “Well, I miss you, Nefertari.” He picked her up, sat on the stone bench beside the lotus pond, put her on his lap, and placed his utmost attention on her. “I thought about you for all ten days.”

Looking at the handsome face less than ten centimeters away from her, Ivy almost stopped breathing. She tried to back away but a strong hand held her head and she was forced to look at him.

“Nefertari, I want to understand something,” he furrowed his eyebrows, speaking carefully. “Seumas and others think that you are a spy because your identity is unknown… but I, I think…”

Ivy had a bad feeling so she tried to back away but she was no match for his strength. In the end, she stayed in the same position.

“You always try to run away.” His voice contained slight pampering. He moved forward and kissed her. Unlike the first kiss, this was more gentle and controlled.

This bastard! How dare he kiss her a second time!

She quietly scolded him, her face red with anger.

When he finally let her go, his next words left Ivy dumbfounded. “From these ten days, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best if you’re always by my side.”

What-what type of bullshit is this?!

“Don’t worry, you will be paid for your time.” He said it as though he was the most considerate person in the world.

Oh please, the only payment she wants is to leave this place!

“So I,” he paused, his eyebrows furrowing. His hesitation surprised Ivy because this was unlike his arrogant and confident self. “So I decided to marry you as my first Concubine after the sacrifice. What do you think?”


“Be mine, the woman of the Prince of Egypt! I will let everyone know that you are mine, my love.” His amber eyes are serious. This young, handsome, brave Pharaoh’s son who is playful and ruthless wants to marry her. When Ivy sees how serious he is, she feels that she is not worthy of his love.

Why? It’s because she only has her brother in her heart.

She admits that she is handsome, smart, and powerful, but her brother is the one she wants to marry. If she can’t marry her brother, she would rather not marry for the rest of her life. Nevermind marry an Ancient Egyptian man from three thousand years ago!

And the laughable part is that she will be married as a Concubine, not a wife!

“I don’t want to marry you.” Ivy said, “I want you to give me my money and free me from this place.”

“Nefertari…” This time, he didn’t try to mask the pain in his eyes.

Please, don’t look at her like this, she doesn’t deserve it.

“You know I love my brother so how can I marry you?”

Suddenly a cold smile appeared and the initial hurt was gone. “This brother of yours is really amazing!” The deep voice contained subtle murderous intentions, “He actually made me jealous.”

Ivy’s body started to tremble and she suddenly became afraid.

She feels that if the Prince sees gege Xian, he will definitely kill him. Ivy sighs in her heart. Would it be better if she falls in love with Bifu? Deep down, she wants to know Bifu’s mood, his smile… No, she shook her head. Even if you like Bifu, what can you do? Sooner or later, she will go back to modern times. This love cannot happen.

She won’t be able to bear the pain again.

Thinking of this, the blue eyes suddenly firm up and looked coldly at the Prince. She watched the disappointment in his eyes turned into despair. Sighing, he loosened his grip, freeing Ivy.

Ivy gave a soft sigh of relief.

However, his next words made Ivy feel hopeless. His tone was cold, reminding her when he ruthlessly killed those men at the banquet.

“I am the son of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Everything in Egypt belongs to me.” His amber eyes were cold and the previous pampering was gone. “You belong to me. After the ceremony, you will become my concubine.” With that, he left.

What a tyrant!

Ivy grabbed the fruit beside her and threw it at his back but he kept walking, leaving Ivy alone in the room. Ivy felt the room became cold and the feeling of hopelessness filled her.

She must escape.

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