Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 3

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 3


The Prince stabilize Ivy. She turned her head slightly and tried to release herself from his grip. The result was the Prince pulling Ivy back to his arms.

“Where are you going? I said, this Prince has no women to accompany with.” His low voice contained a hint of dissatisfaction.

“I won’t drink!” Ivy distorted her face.

“All I said is to accompany me, who told you to drink?” The Prince smiled and poured a glass of wine for himself. He raised his glass and the hall became silent. “Come, come, let’s have another drink together.” The end of his mouth curve, forming a slight smile, making the women blush.

Ivy scrutinized him. This man was really beautiful with a pair of amber eyes that decorated a handsome but cold face. Unfortunately, his playful character ruined his demeanor. Judging from the look of Tata, this Prince is not taken seriously. While the Prince is eating and drinking all day, the people are suffering. Ivy can’t help but sigh at the people’s unfortunate to be under this good for nothing Prince.

Tonight’s banquet seems to be planned by Mentus and Litah. What exactly is their purpose and why does she have to be here? These ancient people like to fight and are known to be aggressive but once they consume alcohol, they’re no different from the people in the twenty-first century.

Ivy stared at the Pharaoh’s son in a daze, lost in thoughts and suddenly a pair of cold amber eyes met her blue eyes.

“Woman, what is your name?”

This is clearly the tone of troublemakers on the street. Ivy gave him a disapproval look. “Before asking for someone else’s name, you should introduce yourself first. This is polite.”

The amber-colored eyes Prince was confused and shocked. He looked at her incredulously. “You are asking for my name?”

“Yes, tell me the name you were granted upon your birth,” Ivy said.

“You ask for the name given to me after my birth…” He repeated, his eyebrows furrow. Has anyone called his birth name besides his parents and close friends? Has anyone asked him for his name? The name that his mother had called him intimately. If not the little girl in front of him, he is afraid he will forget his own name. The silence turned into a wonderful mood, and the corner of the mouth slightly raised a hint of gentleness. He said softly. “… Bifu.”

Ivy snorted. These names: Mentus, Litah, and Bifu are simply trying to force her to lie! Forget it, just play along, “My name is Nefertari.”

“Nefertari.” He repeated as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and the slightly drunken face showed a soft smile, “Beautiful name.”

In a second, he gently picked up Ivy and placed her on his lap. Ivy felt embarrassed and wanted to slap him for his openness but calm herself down. Instead, she tried to leave from his grip but became still when she felt something hard, like metal, beneath her.

“Stay by my side.” Bifu leaned over and gently said in her ear. Seeing Ivy not talking, he stood up and held the cup of wine. “To summon everyone here today, there is something to announce.”

The noise died down and the guests divert their attention to the front. They looked at the Prince with annoyance for their fun was being interrupted.

While everyone had their attention on the Prince, Ivy pulled the hard metal under the mat and it turned out to be a sword.

Staring at the sword, she was in a daze. Her right hand became looser, and soon the cup in her hand fell down on the blue-and-white floor, broken into pieces.

Uh… This scene seems familiar, like fragments in a movie.

It’s too late, too fast and before anyone can react, a head has rolled to the center of the hall, the lifeless eyes are open wide.

Once it stopped rolling, it was clear—it was the head of General Tata.

After a few seconds of silence, the entire venue was like water in a pot, and it suddenly boiled. The girls screamed and fled, and the ministers became sober. Ivy doesn’t know what this scene is and if it’s fake or real.

“Allow the guards in the hall!” A powerful shout came from Mentus. He holds a blood-stained sword in his hand. The head of General Tata was sliced by him. After Mentus spoke, the sound of weapons clacking and uniformed footsteps entered the room. Within a few seconds, dozens of powerful and mighty Egyptian soldiers surrounded the room, trapping everyone inside.

“General Tata abused his power to kill innocent people and plunder the people’s wealth. There is evidence that he created an alliance with the enemy of our kingdom, the Hittites. The general’s title and the military power are returned to the Pharaoh and his crimes are punishable by death!” The loud voice was chilling and informative, causing Ivy to look up. The owner of the voice turned out to be the playboy, the Prince. This time, his face was void of smiles and laziness, and the amber eyes were flashing a little bit of ruthless. “Unfortunately, there are more sinful people here:

“The Right Prime Minister, Djehutihotep, sold weapons and horses, thus committed treason and will be punished by death.

“General Kheti used the Royal Army for his own personal reasons and relayed fake royal orders, punishable by death. His accomplices will be exiled.

“Official Ptah has been organizing his own army and lied to the Pharaoh, his punishment is death.

“The remaining dozens of people are guilty of felonies. They will be confiscated of their property and will be sold as slaves.”

After the charges were announced, the men in the hall became pale, disbelief written on their face. With Mentus’s approval, the soldiers quickly arrested the men.

“Prince! You-you dare to treat us like this! The Pharaoh trusts us and granted us power. If you want to execute us, you have to wait for the Pharaoh to return! You dare…” Djehutihotep exclaimed, anger and arrogance in his voice.

The Prince shook his head, gently swinging the sword. Before Djehutihotep could say another word, his blood flowed on the floor endlessly like the river. In an instant, there is more screams and cries.

“I am the son of the Pharaoh, Prince of Egypt,” the Prince said in a cold and clear voice. “According to the Egyptian Pharaoh’s Law, I can judge and declare the punishment for those who are disloyal to the Pharaoh and harms the country.”

At this time, General Kheti, who was beside the decapitated Djehutihotep, suddenly broke free from the soldiers, took a sword and raised the weapon at the Prince.

“His Royal Highness!” Mentus and Litah shouted.

The Prince released his grip on Ivy and pulled the sword out of the sheath. He effortlessly blocked the attack. After a couple of moves, he broke Kheti’s defense and pierced his chest. Kheti’s face was distorted by the intense pain, and his body froze. The people around couldn’t help but open their mouth in shock and felt the need to throw up.

This person is a sadist! Absolutely abnormal! Ivy couldn’t help but scream out. “Enough! He is already suffering!”

Hearing her voice, Bifu glanced at her before pulling out the sword from Kheti’s chest. Kheti spurted out blood and splashed on Ivy’s white dress. With a kick from the Prince, Kheti rolled down the hall, lying in a pool of his own blood.

“Raising a sword against Royals,” an undisguised disgust look on the Prince’s face, “Execution of the family from girls over ten years old and boys over seven years old, all beheaded. The rest will be blinded and sent to exile.” Ivy stared at the Prince’s blood-stained hands and felt goosebumps all over her body. Everyone had underestimated this seemingly good-for-nothing prince. In reality, he was the most cunning and ruthless of them all.

“Take him away.” He ordered, waving his hand. His indifferent words amazed Ivy who has never met a heartless person. He sat down and spoke, “Everyone, do you want some more wine?”

“Ugh…” Ivy felt like throwing up. Disgusting, how disgusting! I have never seen such a cruel scene, the head rolling down, the pool of blood, the pained face—everything seems fake. Things like this only happen in movies! Here, life can be given and taken away just as easily. Here, only the strongest can survive.

Ivy feels that her safety is compromised and wants to leave here as soon as possible. She runs, wanting to go home where her brother and father is.

“Lady Nefertari.”

The gentle and familiar voice called her from behind. Ivy wanted to ignore him but her body instinctively turned. She grabbed Litah’s clothes, tears falling from her eyes. “I want to go home right now! I don’t want to stay here any longer! Please!”

Litah was momentarily stunned at Ivy’s tears. Then he looked down at Ivy’s hands grabbing his collar and cleared his throat. He tried to keep his smile and said, “But His Royal Highness is looking for you.”

“W-what?” Ivy was confused, and then she remembered the bloody scene. The cruel and heartless face of the Prince suddenly came to her mind. Her stomach churned, her hands started to shake, her lips quiver, and she shouted loudly. “I don’t care about His Highness! You promised me! After the banquet, I can leave. How can you go back on your word? Are you even a man?”

Where there is life, there is hope.

The most important thing is to live and to fight for your life.

If you stay in this place, political conspiracy everywhere and you will die without knowing why or what killed you!

Thinking of this, Ivy couldn’t help but grasp the hands of Litah, and the Young Priest felt speechless at her forwardness. Doesn’t she know that men and women should keep their distance?

“I want to go back. You have to take me back as promised!”

“Where do you want to go back? This prince will listen.” A voice behind said.

Upon hearing his voice, Ivy froze and her big blue eyes looked at Litah, almost pleading with him. She was too afraid to look back. Litah was unable to greet the Prince because the grip Ivy had on him was surprisingly strong. However, Litah couldn’t ignore the person behind Ivy who had dissatisfaction written on his face.

Litah greeted softly, “His Royal Highness.”

“Nefertari, this Prince wants you to accompany me tonight. It’s very boring to drink alone.” The owner of the voice suddenly reached out and grabbed Ivy’s arm.

Who does he think he is to treat her like an object? Ivy resists, wanting to free herself from his arms but he is like a statue, not moving. From an outsider’s perspective, Ivy looks pitiful; her efforts to free herself is futile. The only thing on Ivy’s mind is she has to leave or else she’s going to die! Brother Xian, save me!

“Your resistance really makes me sad.” The voice sounded upset, but Ivy could hear the slight anger. Ivy felt that her knees were soft, and then she turned around and was suddenly hugged. She was about to speak up but then she faced a pair of clear amber eyes, silencing her. “The prince wants you tonight, didn’t you hear?”

How overbearing!

Ivy is still traumatized by his cold eyes and cruelness when he murdered those men in cold blood. She can’t help but resist again when she thinks about the horrible things he could do to her. She wants to call for help but who would dare offend His Royal Highness? I’m afraid that those who did offend the Prince are wondering souls.

At this point, the only person who can save her is herself!

Oh, God, Jesus, Buddha! Bless her to go home alive in one piece! She will not be a picky eater anymore and will listen to brother and father!

“Wait! Before you do anything, let’s talk.” Ivy calmed down and built up the courage to speak to him.


“You have never seen a blond-haired blue-eyed woman before, right?” Lie. When I was young, I saw comics, where the heroine has blond hair and is very popular in ancient Egypt. She has some type of respectable title and is treated like a Goddess. Although blond hair people are rare, they are heard and seen of.

“Right.” Ivy’s eyes twitch. Liar.

“You, if you let me go, I will let my father send ten blondes who are ten times more beautiful than me to serve you. My father is a very powerful person in my country, he can do it!” This is not a lie, at least the second half is not…


“So you agree?!” Ivy couldn’t help but become excited. Haha, freedom is near!



All of a sudden, he lowers himself, the amber eyes are like a deep pool of water. Not waiting for Ivy to react, he kissed her. For Ivy, it was a novel feeling, causing her to be momentarily confused.

Once he left her breathless, he whispered in her ear. “I said, I want you tonight.”

What-what! Son of a bitch! This-this is her first kiss! Even my brother has never been kissed by me! Ivy turned red and kicked him. “Let me go, you are a perverted psycho! I want to go home! I want to be with brother Xian! You, if you force me to do something, you’ll regret it!”

Deep down, Ivy knows that to this person, life and death is meaningless to him.  It’s just something he controls. Since the moment he laid eyes on her, Ivy’s life was in his hands. If he wants, he can kill her and no one would bat an eye.

“Xian? Is he your husband?” There was slight anger and possessive in his voice. He felt uncomfortable with the thought that she belonged to another man. With his right hand, he held her head, forcing her to look at him.

“Xian is my brother.” My brother, why is it so painful to say. Yes, she has forgotten, he is getting married, the man she loves is getting married! He will leave her and be with his wife… Thinking about it, her big blue eyes are filled with tears. “My brother is my most important person…”

So what if he’s her important person? He is getting married and once he marries that girl, that girl will be Xian’s important person, leaving no room for Ivy.

“In Egypt, brothers and sisters can’t get married, unless it’s the royal family…” After a little pause, the Prince continued to say, “What about your country?”

“In my country, even the royal family is forbidden…”

But she is deeply infatuated with him, stubbornly obsessed with him, obsessed with him like crazy, unable to restrain herself with him.

“If I have a choice, I hope that I never meet him.” Ivy forces a smile, her big eyes blinking away the tears, and gently rubbed her eyes with her hands, “You must be laughing at me. I’m so pathetic.”

Incest, how disgusting! If I can choose, if I can control my feelings, how can there be pain? My heart wouldn’t hurt like it is now. I love him like a man but he loves me like a sister. Such pain, the type of pain that runs deep in your bone, who can understand it?

“Laugh, laugh at me, laugh then kill me. No matter what, I will not serve you.”

Murderer, madman, cold-blooded prince. She screamed in his arms uncontrollably. What’s the use in living? My brother is going to get married, and he will belong to someone else. At this point, it’s better to never see him than to see him with another.

The Prince didn’t laugh at Ivy.

He patted Ivy’s head gently and quietly said. “What are you going to do now?”

Ivy looked down. “I don’t know.”

“Stay by my side.”

What? Ivy looked up, meeting his amber eyes.

“You can’t be with your brother,” he stated, tightening his grip on her. “Do you know that there is a law in Egypt? The second you took a step in this country, you belong to the Pharaoh. I am the son of Pharaoh. Therefore, you are mine.”

Ivy snorted and then yelled angrily. “Don’t touch me!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.” The Prince promised, sounding lazy. “Stay with me, Nefertari.”

“No! You people don’t keep promises! Hypocrite! Liar!” Ivy shouted a string of insults.


Since that day, the Prince made sure she was by his side. She would follow him, stay with him, and even serve him a glass of water. Sometimes she feels that her existence is simply a decoration. If she leaves his side, the tyrannical prince is following her with his eyes. She also tried to escape, but before she could take a hundred steps, hundreds of people surround her.

The leader said to her with the utmost respect, “Lady Nefertari, please come back. Please return to the side of His Royal Highness.”

They’re forcing her to stay! Ivy grows increasingly frustrated with her lack of freedom.

When the Prince went to the Chamber to meet with the ministers to discuss something, she was ordered to stand by the back garden of the hall. She is bored, but can not leave, it’s simply a waste of time! Long-term grievances but no one to vent, so when she saw Litah’s innocent face not far away from her, she immediately seized the opportunity, rushed forward, blocked his way, and release the anger that had been accumulated for a month!

“It’s all your fault! I helped you in return that you’d send me back to my home! It’s been a month! I haven’t left this palace for a month, and I had to follow your Prince every day! I have worked over sixteen hours a day, which is more than the law allows. You still don’t plan to send me home!”

Ivy knows that Litah has no power to send her home, but at least, take her out. If she stays here any longer, she will go crazy!

Litah listened to her grievance and looked at the angry Ivy. Once she became silent, he realized that it was his turn to speak.  “Ah, are you talking about that?”

“What do you think?!” There is no way to be patient in front of a foolish person.

Litah gave her a bright smile and said seriously: “Is Your Highness not treating you well?”

Oh, so you think he’s good? Stay with him then! Ivy sneered at him with a bit of viciousness.

“His Royal Highness is an excellent prince. He has the foresight and the leadership skills to carry out missions to punish corrupt officials. This outstanding man…” Litah’s voice was filled with pride and reverence. To Ivy, he sounded like a modern fangirl.

Ivy gave him a hard stare. But this is also true, since the banquet, there has been a lot of praise about the Prince. With him as the next Pharaoh, the people can rest assured.

But Ivy thinks otherwise; he is tyrannical and cruel!

His short-temper makes it hard for Ivy to talk to him. Since the banquet, she has been placed under house arrest! Ivy’s gloomy face does not escape Litah’s eyes thus he changed the topic, “Lady Nefertari, you are waiting for Your Highness?”

Like he doesn’t know the answer, Ivy glared at him.

Litah smiles. “They are probably discussing about farmers who aren’t tending to their farms. These farmers blame their slaves for not working. When there’s no work, there’s a bad harvest and when there’s a bad harvest, there will be riots. Ah, what a headache. Do you understand?” He chuckled but to Ivy, it sounded like contempt.

Ask her, “Do you understand?” like she’s a child. Really, there is so much Ivy can take. Looking down on her because she’s a woman? Sigh, Ivy feels sorry for the women living during the patriarchy times.

Do you really think that the only thing she understands is how to eat? Hmph! I’ll show you, ancient man!

“Then let them build structures, give them a little more money. After all, they riot because they do not have enough to eat. So, give them more food and they will have more energy to work. The slaves will no longer be leisure, and there won’t be any riots. I’m sure the Kingdom of Egypt is not short of money,” said Ivy. So, you have to pay me for my idea too!

The contempt on Litah’s face disappeared and listened to Ivy seriously, deep in his own thoughts. He’s listening to her? Ivy suddenly emerged a burst of haughtiness. It’s been a long time since she showed off her knowledge!

All right, I continue and you listen! “The farmers rely on fertile soil to have a good harvest. But when there is a bad harvest, the farmers give up and hope that next year will be better. However, the officials can’t punish them for not doing their job because they are free people, not slaves. In order for this country to prosper, a tax is necessary. But with the poor harvest, farmers already can’t earn a living so there will be riots! The people will complain that their Pharaoh is ignorant to the people’s struggle and try to place the blame on anything but themselves. As long as the workers are paid for their labor, everything will be solved. If you’re having trouble finding money to pay these workers, just raise the tax by a little.”

Ivy was so talkative and passionate because there is finally someone who would listen to her and take her words seriously. Her brother always looked at her like she is a child and her father didn’t take her words seriously. Ivy could not help but be excited.

“So…” you’re going to pay me, and at least double, and let me have freedom, or I won’t tell you the rest of the plan! That was she planned to say, but before she could say it, she found that besides Litah and her, there were more people, listening to her. Precisely, His Royal Highness and his subjects.

Everyone stared at her as if she had two heads. Ivy became nervous; since when were they here?!

One man with slanted eyes exchanged glances with Litah, and slowly approached Ivy. He reached out and grabbed her arm, drawing her closer to him, and coldly asked, “Who told you this?”

Ivy sensed hostility from this man. “Well, it’s not a secret, everyone knows! It’s common sense, is it necessary to have a meeting to figure it out?”

It’s not only a meeting to figure it out, but besides the people in the room, no one else should know! Yet this foreign woman lightly said, “Everyone knows.”

How can a woman know politics as much as she does?

“You—who the hell are you?” The man asked, gripping Ivy’s wrist.

The Prince pulled Ivy to his side and pinched Ivy’s arm to silence her, making her wince in pain.

“Your Highness, she is… ” the man, who looked as if he was ready to die, said the words no one dared to say, “a spy?”

“Shut up.” The words were not finished before they were interrupted by the Prince. However, Ivy could hear them clearly. Spy? They think she’s a spy? Come on, use your head! Would a spy say what she said and risk their plan?

“Seumas, mind your status. She’s my guest, not a criminal so there’s no need to interrogate her.”

The old minister apologized for his rudeness and quietly stepped back. Turns out his name is Seumas.

However, before Seumas left, she sensed his hostility and his subtle glare. Ivy subconsciously stood up straighter.

“Nefertari, go back to your room.” The Prince ordered, looking pensive.

Ivy held back her tongue and walked back quietly.

In Ancient Egypt, if one carelessly said the wrong words, there will be very terrible consequences. Should she be thankful that the Prince protect her? Ivy shakes her head. Oh please, he just wants her alive to accompany him.

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Helloooo! I know, this update is past overdue but these chapters are so long that I lack the motivation to translate. But then I found another raw website where the chapters are shorter 😉 Anyways, happy reading!


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  1. Please continue this story! I love it! It’s refreshing since most stories are set in ancient China. A story set in ancient Egypt is like a breath of fresh air!


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