Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 2

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 2




“Lady Nefertari?”


“Lady Nefertari!”

Ivy is sitting in an empty room, suddenly reacting to this voice. Is someone calling her? She was shocked and almost jumped out of her seat. At first, it turned out that someone she did not know was calling her.

Just, this person is too beautiful!

The long straight black hair reached the waist, the skin is pale, the body is lean and fragile as if the wind can blow him away, the elegant lips are slightly raised, revealing a soft smile that resembled the sunshine of early spring. The tall, delicate nose lined up with a pair of deep eye sockets. The eyelashes are long and thick, framing his dark eyes.

Ivy was stunned by his beauty, finding it hard to look away.

This face is simply too beautiful, is it a boy or a girl?

“Lady Nefertari, it seems that you are ready for the party.” The familiar voice is soothing like running water. The person smiles at Ivy and gently nods as if he was approving her appearance.

This voice, isn’t it him? “Li-Litah?”! Before, he had his cloth to hide his face, so she didn’t see it how he looked earlier. His looks are truly beautiful! He is a man yet he is so beautiful. Really unfair. Ivy looked at him with some grievance.

“Lady Nefertari, you will go out from this door with the other girls and toast with everyone. After that, no matter what happens, you will stand on the side. Once the party is over, I will send someone to send you back to where you want to go.” Litah said. “Don’t worry, there won’t be any danger.”

If Litah said this to her earlier, Ivy would debate if she should trust him. Now that he’s saying this, it makes her more desperate to leave. This is Ancient Egypt, over a thousand years ago! If she can go back, why would she dress up in this strange clothing, sitting in an empty room in a daze? If she is able to leave the palace, where should she go, how can she return to modern times? She can’t jump into the Nile River and swim back. Although she is very capable, she can’t swim!

At this point, all she can do is ask for help.

Seeing Ivy having an inner battle with herself, Litah gently opened the curtains. Numerous girls who all looked different and unique in their own way walked in. The room was instantly brightened by all the beauties. The girls respectfully bow to Litah, “Your Lord the Prophet.”

Huh? Ivy looked suspiciously at Litah. Who is the Prophet? What kind of ritual activities do they perform? Could it be they want to sacrifice her? Forget it, I may be heartbroken but I have no intention of dying!

As if he heard the thoughts of Ivy, Litah said with a slight smile. “There’s a dinner party tonight. All you ladies need to do is follow the instructions and toast to the guests. If you know and are good at dancing, you can show off your skills. As long as everyone listens to the directions, everything will be fine.”

The beautiful girls are giggling and smiling. Some girls can’t help but ask, “Will you, my Lord, attend the dinner party?”

Litah nodded. “Of course, so don’t be nervous. Afterward, you must distribute the remuneration according to the agreement. Please wait a moment. Someone will come to call you, then you come out. I will take my leave now.”

Litah left the door, and the girls immediately started to gossip.

“He is so beautiful!”

“In fact, even if you can’t get any reward, you can be satisfied with His Highness.”

“The rumor is that His Royal Highness is handsome. I can finally see if it’s true tonight!”

“The rumor is that His Royal Highness is only good-looking but has no talent. Even so, it is worthwhile to see the legendary beauty!”

“Yes, yes, and General Mentus. I heard his red hair is so vibrant like fire.”


Ivy is quite bored watching them gossip about men and also keeps thinking. Listening to the words of Litah, it seems that these girls are also temporarily summoned, the purpose is to entertain the guests at the dinner party. Ivy guessed that this is one big plan. The aura that Litah and Mentus give off is one with power or a noteworthy title. This means that whatever they do may be related to the inner palace struggle. This dinner party is more of a conspiracy. It’s best not to get involved, Ivy thought.

Really, it turns out that Ancient Egypt is not as glamorous as it seems. Just now, Litah repeatedly said that there would be no danger and that everything will be okay. Thinking about it now, it is a bit suspicious. No, if that’s the case, then she’s too unlucky!

Not thinking about the possible consequences, Ivy decided—she must escape! However, before she could even take a step, there was a voice from the other side of the door.

“Ladies, please go to the temple.”

As soon as the voice fell, the chattering of the room disappeared. The only thing that remained was the smile of everyone, their eyes shone with excitement and expectation.

Wow, how could this be… Ancient Greek poet Homer once called Thebes the “Seven-gated Thebes.” This magnificent city crosses both sides of the Nile and is the Kingdom of the Pharaohs and the underworld after their death. As a political and religious center of Ancient Egypt, there are countless temples in Thebes. The faithful subjects of the Pharaoh proudly called the city “Eternal Capital,” which means that Thebes will forever coexist with the Nile.

The Pharaoh’s Palace in Thebes is the iconic building in the entire city. At night, it is gorgeous and dazzling, just like the mythical palace of the Gods standing firmly on the east bank of the Nile. Numerous torches shine on the golden buildings, and the dazzling light rises into the sky with the night fog, and the glory of the stars and moons is hidden.

Tonight, the Palace of Thebes will not sleep again.

Pharaoh’s “son of the elder king” and the Regent Prince will hold a large-scale banquet tonight, not only invited the well-known generals and officials of the dynasty but also heard many beautiful girls gathered are in the audience.

The Regent Prince is the Pharaoh’s seventh child and his favorite. He was entrusted with a heavy responsibility at a young age, and he managed various national affairs when the Pharaoh was in battle. The people, officials, and soldiers all agree that the seventh prince will become the Pharaoh of Great Egypt.

However, rumor has it that the seventh prince does not like politics, and his two right-hand men, Mentus and Litah, helped him to get where he is. Apparently, the seventh prince is favored by the Pharaoh because of his outstanding beauty and his mother’s status.

Therefore, the Egyptian subjects’ expectations of the young prince may be because of his appearance.

Of course, there are still some people who are looking forward to the reign of this seventh prince and whether or not he can handle such power.

At this time, the Hall of the Palace of Thebes was filled with the most powerful officials and generals in Egypt. Ministers, generals, priests, and clerical instruments all gathered together to talk and laugh. On the surface, they look happy but each has a hidden agenda. The seventh prince prepared a dinner party again, marking this the fifth time this year. Every time the Pharaoh goes out, he will hold a grand dinner and get drunk with everyone. Tonight should be regarded as the largest one yet with dozens of beautiful girls to accompany with.

Such a person is a prince of Pharaoh!

Sneer, sigh, ridicule, disappointment…

“General Mentus and Lord Litah have arrived… ”

As the voice of the servant fell, the sound in the room became silenced.

Although everyone has a lot of dissatisfaction with the Regent Prince, Mentus and Litah who follows him are not simple characters. In other words, everyone dares not be too arrogant in front of them.

Mentus, at the age of twenty-two, was personally given the title of Great General by the Pharaoh himself. He holds great military power and followed the Pharaoh on many military expeditions, earning many military feats.

As for Litah, rumors say that he carries the blood of the royal family. But things about his background are unknown. At the age of eighteen, he suddenly appeared and became the youngest prophet. Now nineteen years old, he has already begun to participate in political affairs and make suggestions for the country. He is the priest of the shrine, his future is bright.

According to rumors, to make up for the prince’s incompetence, the Pharaoh had arranged two outstanding talents to assist him.

People can’t help but guess, even some people want to win over these two outstanding men into their group. But they are loyal to the prince which shows that the seventh prince is not a simple character.

The two entered the hall and sat down. In a short while, the atmosphere in the hall was gradually restored.

After a while, the star of the banquet finally appeared.

“His Royal Highness… ”

As the voice of the commander fell, the people in the hall got up and bowed with respect, and waited before a young, tall figure slowly walked to the hall.

With a lazy voice, he entered the hall. “The night given by God is so beautiful, where are the maidens blessed by the Goddess Habi?”

“His Royal Highness” was the first thing that came out everyone’s mouth when they saw him. This person is really worthy of his reputation: slender figure, but quite strong, well-defined face with thick eyebrows, tall nose, and elegant lips, a pair of golden amber eyes, and the gold hair ornaments enhance his godly appearance. The dark brown hair was casually thrown behind, and a few strands of hair loosened, adding a lazy atmosphere with an alluring charm.

“Your Highness, they are all waiting behind the curtains. Once Your Highness gives the orders, they will come to the temple.” Litah kneeled to the Prince in front of him.

“What are you waiting for then? I have spent a lot of effort to find so many beautiful women. Bring them up quickly. If there are no women, how can wine taste good?” The youth quickly waved his hands and walked to the center of the hall. Sitting on a gorgeous seat with white camel hair, he held a jug and pour wine, the face was quite impatient. “What are you waiting for? Go quickly.”

“Yes.” Litah still smiled and nodded to the commander at the door.

“Ladies, come to the temple!” The commander cried, only to see the handsome prince talking to everyone while drinking.

“As you can see, my father is not here, we will drink to the fullest of our capability! Without a woman, we lack joy. Today this prince has prepared…”

The words are not finished when the girls came in.

The prince smiled more proudly and waved at the girls. “Haha, come here, come over, let us toast.”

The girls were either excited or shy and entered the temple one by one, and soon began to be seated. Ivy is the last one, trying not to be noticed. However, when she stood in the middle of the hall, the chaotic noise became replaced with sighs.

What a rare girl!

The water-blue eyes are as clear as the sky. The straight blond hair hangs on the waist like the sun. The pale and delicate skin is looming through the light gauze skirt. The exquisite facial features are like a pure Goddess. Everyone seemed to be starstruck by Ivy, and it was difficult to remove their eyes from her.

Even Mentus couldn’t help but marvel at it. “I didn’t expect the wild donkey to have potential.”

At this time, a rough voice came out. “This girl is the best girl for me. I want her to accompany me tonight!” The one who spoke is General Tata, who had a great influence. Tata is tall and his eyes are fierce, his chin is full of beards, and his mouth reveals a yellow tooth that looked like an obnoxious character. Ivy couldn’t help but step back, she didn’t want to accompany him!

Seeing Ivy retreat, Tata step forward to reach out and pull her over. Ivy didn’t look behind her and thus she fell.

I’m going to fall!

She instinctively closed her eyes, waiting for the pain, but instead, she fell into a pair of warm and powerful arms. Looking up, it was the prince who caught her.

“Tata, what’s the hurry? This prince hasn’t chosen a woman to accompany yet. How about another girl?” Amber eyes looked at Tata carelessly, with a hint of a drunken smile on his lips.

Tata glanced at him with a discontented look, his mouth frowning but he did not speak.

“Litah, let the beautiful woman beside you accompany General Tata.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Litah is still smiling, signaling the girl beside him.

At that moment, the girl beside Litah showed a hint of dissatisfaction, but quickly covered up her emotions and walked obediently to General Tata. Tata quickly covered his displeasure look on his face and drank with the girl.

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