Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 1

Pharaoh’s Concubine Chapter 1


Where… where am I?

Ivy heard the sound of the river flowing not far away. She tried to move her body but felt that every part was heavy.

What’s going on? Why does it hurt so much? Ivy gently moved her toes, ankles, fingers, wrists, neck… It seems that she still has all of her parts.

She took a deep breath and finally opened her eyes.

Ivy found herself lying on the sand, next to a wide river. The river carrying the water is slowly flowing. The calm and steady sound of the water calms her down, the strength seems to return to her body. The sky was exceptionally blue and the sun was shining, making her close her eyes again due to the brightness.

Where am I? She wipes the tears from her eyes and squints at the surrounding environment. I was at my home in London. When did I go to the desert where even the birds don’t dare to come? She gradually gains back her strength and tried to get up slowly.

“Hello?!” she called aloud.

No answer, only the sound of the river. She suddenly felt that there is an indescribable sense of emptiness. Looking around, there is no one else on the desert. Squinting her eyes, Ivy saw some strange large statues in the distance.

To Ivy, those statues are like pyramids and sphinxes. Ivy wonder, is she in Egypt? But within a second, she dismissed the idea. Egypt and London are miles apart. How can she be in Egypt so quickly?

“Where am I?” She dusted off the sand on her body, was she dreaming? She pinched her arm and it hurts! It seems that this is not a dream. She quickly checked her body, except for the gold bracelet, the other accessories and clothes were still on her.

“It’s strange, how could such thing happen?” She put her hands on her waist and looked up at the sky and made a small complaint in her head. Thinking for a while, Ivy decided to go down to the river. There are two reasons for this: First, the river will always flow into the sea. If you walk along the river, you will eventually find someone else’s place. Second, in the direction of the downstream, there are buildings. Ivy concluded that there must be someone living there.

“I didn’t expect that in the 21st century, there would be such a primitive landform, and there aren’t fully developed roads…” Ivy sigh and said to herself, “Well, let’s go and walk it off. Perhaps the heart will not be so uncomfortable. When I get back home, I can apologize to brother.” Although she really, really does not want him to get married.

Ivy likes Ai Xian.

It is not the kind of sibling love or the kind of love that one admire. It is a kind of love that a girl is somewhat obsessed with.

When she was young, Ivy lived with her mother in China. Ai Xian followed their father to live in the UK. The two never met. When Ivy was fifteen years old, her mother died due to an illness and thus her custody was transferred to her father. In the airplane that was on the way to the United Kingdom, she met the Ai Xian.

At first, they didn’t know each other’s identity and they talked on the plane. They instantly formed a connection and were happy that they have the same surname. Ivy fell for the handsome and mature Ai Xian and Ai Xian was fascinated by Ivy’s beauty and intelligence. When the two arrived in London, they promised to keep in contact. However, when they stepped into the same house, they were surprised to find that they were brother and sister.

From that day on, Ai Xian was still so good to Ivy, he became the best brother to his sister. But Ivy can’t treat Ai Xian as her brother. However, anything else, she can make her own decisions, and fight for herself. But this matter of being related, she can not change that fact. So she can only hope that he will never marry and instead, he will be with her for the rest of her life. She thought that if Ai Xian had a little bit of love for her, she would feel it, but…

Shaking her head, Ivy threw the memories of the past and began to walk along the downstream of the river. However, after thirty minutes, a trace of uneasiness caught her heart. Why have walked for so long but even a water dike and a telephone pole have not been seen? Why have walked so long, even a trace of human civilization have not been seen? She had heard of the theory that the azimuth would move sideways in the subspace, but she does not want to die where there is no public phone. Come on, this is the 21st century!

Could it be that I traveled back to ancient times?

She smiled at her own ridiculous thoughts. She knelt down and decided to use the position of the sun to make a small azimuth measurement on the ground. Right after she kneeled, the wind was blowing the sand. Ivy looked up and saw two people riding horses heading towards her.

Without thinking, she quickly waved her arm at them. “Here, here! Help, I’m lost!”

Once they were close enough for Ivy to see their faces, she regretted asking for help.

There are two young men who seem to be at least twenty years old. The man on the left is riding a dark black horse. He has fiery red hair and green eyes. His handsome face reveals an arrogant heroic spirit. He was dressed in a simple bust armor, a chic sword hanging from his waist, looking like an ancient warrior. The man on the right was riding a beautiful white horse and compared to the warrior, he was a lot leaner. He was dressed in white, with a belt of gold on his waist. A long white cloth wrapped his face and hair tightly, revealing only a pair of black eyes.

Thinking logically, is there anyone who will engage in cosplay in the desert?

If not, then there is only one possibility—the two of them are mad!

Ivy suddenly felt a little scared, because most of the mental illness was accompanied by tyranny. Will they beat or kill her for no reason? Ivy decided to pretend not to see them and leave.

However, how long does it take to get to the city from the desert? It is important to borrow a mobile phone to contact my brother. Even if the two people are insane, there is a high likelihood that they have some kind of communication tool.

But will they really hit her? That’s going to hurt, isn’t it? She has never been beaten by a man, let alone get beaten by crazy men.

But they may not necessarily crazy; they could be filming a movie.

Ivy tried to comfort herself with these thoughts but a part of her knew this wasn’t the case.

The two men found her early in the morning. They looked at each other before stopping at a distance from her, watching her. Ivy bit her lip, her heart beating in all different direction and sound.

Why do they keep looking at me? Have you never seen a woman before?

The black-eyed man and the young man with red hair discussed something. In Ivy’s opinion, they seemed to discuss how to kidnap and sell her. Without waiting for them to make a decision, her body started to run without consulting with her brain. At this time, the red-haired youth quickly dismount from his horse and chased Ivy. In a flash, he threw her down, making her eat a mouthful of sand, and pressed her head to the ground.

“Hey! Let go! What do you want from me?!” Ivy shouted. Sure enough, they were crazy and tyrannical! Ivy thought with sorrow and decided to quickly find a way to escape.

“Show respect!” The red-hair man said in a foreign language. Surprisingly, Ivy could understand. She swore that in her seventeen years of life, she has never been exposed to this language, yet she was able to understand.

Show respect? But who is the rude one? Ivy is mad; which sane person would press one’s head to the ground? Really strange!

“Hey, what the hell is going on…” Ivy hadn’t finished talking yet when his hand pressed her head to the hot sand more deeply, and the sand almost made her suffocate.

“Shut up!” he ordered.

When the red-haired man touched her waist, Ivy couldn’t help but shout, “Pervert!”

The red-haired young man blushed. He quickly checked Ivy’s belt and pocket before turning to the black-eyed man. Shaking his head, he said, “No weapons.”

“There is no need to be so vigilant, Mentus.” The black-eyed man came over and pulled her up. When he let go, Ivy fell weakly into the sand. The white man dismounted from his horse, walked over to Ivy, bent down, and gently extended his hands to her. His dark eyes had the reflection of bright light.

“Sorry, he’s usually kind. He was just fulfilling his responsibility of an inspector. Are you okay?”

Kind? Kind enough to press her head onto the sand? Their definition of “kind” must be different, Ivy thought. Ivy pouted and purposely ignored the stretched out hands in front of her, and stood up and said with a bit of complaint. “I lost my way, I just want to ask you to lend me the mobile phone to use if you have one.” ”

“Mobile… phone?” The black-eyed man glanced at the red-haired youth next to him. The latter shook his head. “The mobile phone you just mentioned means…”

No? Ivy suddenly felt dizzy. Forget it, just act like she didn’t ask!

Since I have encountered these two lunatics, I’m sure I’ll meet other people.

“Nothing, if it’s okay, I’ll go first.”

“Wait,” the black-eyed gently pulled Ivy, his eyes reveal a gentle smile. “Please allow me to introduce, my name is Litah.” Pointing to the red-hair man, “this is Mentus, what should I call you?”

Litah? Mentus? Ivy rolled her eyes, what kind of crazy name is this, are they lying? She decided to play along. With her mouth gently raised, she slightly mocked them. “My name is Nefertari!”

“Nefertari,” Litah gently repeated, “an Egyptian name.”

Of course, it is. After all, it’s the name of the Queen of Ancient Egypt. Seeing that he wasn’t that crazy, Ivy looked at him with approval.

Litah quietly looked at Ivy for a moment, then continue to say, “Miss Nefertari, in fact, we have some trouble, I think only you can help us…”

What? Ivy looked at the two beautiful eyes that Litah exposed. Did she hear right? I’m already in trouble myself, how do I have the ability to help them? Even so, she has no intention to help.

Just as she was about to refuse, Litah spoke first. “Didn’t you say that you’re lost? If you are willing to help us with this favor, we will send someone to send you back safely tomorrow.”

She can go back by herself! As long as it is on the European continent, everyone knows the name of the Ai Group. If she goes to any bank, she can contact my brother and guarantee the money to leave this place. There’s no need to wait until tomorrow.

Ivy still wanted to refuse him. At this time, Mentus who stood on the side spoke up, looking impatient.

“Why bother talking to her, just bring her back with us.”

“We need Miss Nefertari’s consent.”

“What’s the use? This lady does not seem to be willing to help. Lady Nefertari’s blond hair and blue eyes are rare so it will fulfill “his” plans.”

“Mentus, I also think Lady Nefertari is the most suitable candidate we have seen today.” Litah interrupted the words of Mentus in a gentle but firm manner, and then turned to Ivy, “Lady Nefertari, please help us with this. Just attend tonight’s party and I will definitely send you home tomorrow.”

Ivy pouted, her heart was already dissatisfied with how they spoke amongst themselves, ignoring her. Their problem wasn’t hers and she has never met the “he” they were talking about, so why should she give him face?

“No, I am in a hurry… Hey!” She didn’t finish her sentence before being thrown over the shoulder by Mentus. “Let me down!”

“Litah, We don’t have much time to explain everything to her. I still have a lot of things do. I have made up my mind, I will bring this foreign girl back!” Mentus took Ivy to his black horse, completely disregarding her struggles and resistance, “As long as she doesn’t bring any trouble to our plan, everything will be fine.”

Litah couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Don’t worry, naturally it won’t be like this. But your short-temper really makes me worry. I don’t know if Buka will be affected by you and become like you.”

“What about my brother?” The red-haired youth muttered and placed Ivy on the horse. No, “throwing” would be more accurate. He continued, “Hold on tight, little girl. This is my beloved horse, Dark Ice. Normally, I don’t give anyone a ride.”

Litah was a burst of laughter. Ivy could not help but be a little angry, but when the red-haired young man pulled the reins, the horse started to go forward quickly. Out of reflex, she immediately held onto the large horse’s neck.

“You are crazy! I don’t want to die!” Ivy shouted loudly, closing her eyes and grabbing the horse’s mane.

Oh, Buddha! Jesus! Brother!

She can’t die!

She still has an interview for Cambridge. She also wants to buy the new Burberry. She also wants to go to the music concert with her brother!

Being abducted by crazy men, what’s next?

Who can tell her, what’s going on?!

The horse gradually slowed down and noises began to appear around them.

It should be a place where there are people. When she felt that she was safe enough to hold onto the horse properly, Ivy slowly opened her eyes.

Impossible! This is impossible! When she saw her surroundings, Ivy felt that being around those men made her crazy.

The statues were so big and tall that even if you go on top of the mountain, you won’t be able to see the whole statue. The gold sculptures will allure you to stare at it for hours.

This is a place that belongs to the God of Sun! Gorgeous golden masonry and fine gold decoration reflect the sunset that sinks into the river in the distance. The building consists of large and ornate columns. The paintings on the wall depict beautiful murals. The paintings are unique but somewhat familiar. The simple building structure is surrounded by many green plants that Ivy recognize. The statues and decorations next to the plants fully demonstrate a retro luxury style. The pyramid-like buildings that she briefly saw made her feel uneasy.

The people walking on the streets are dressed in strange costumes, wearing gold ornaments and holding bronze vessels. She was even more surprised and frightened when she did not see any trace of modern civilization. No cars, roads, street lights, wires, let alone any camera equipment. She gradually understood it, but it was all terrible. She does not want to believe, but it is true! This is not a movie or a crazy village. Here, here is…

“Egypt, Ancient Egypt!” Ivy sat on the horse, and the body could not help but straighten forward. She almost screamed out. Is this ancient… Egypt?!

Mentus jumped down and opened his mouth in disapproval. “First time to Thebes? This is the capital of our Egypt. You don’t know anything about Egypt?”

Ivy did not pay attention to his questioning, still immersed in shock. Thebes, the great city that vanished in history, was known as the bustling city of the ancient world; it is the most iconic city in Egypt… Then, she is in Ancient Egypt! But how did she come here? In her seventeen years of life, she never thought she would experience such a thing. She began to fear: What if I can’t go back to my life? Even if she’s knowledgeable, in Ancient Egypt, she can become a slave at any time. As she studied in her paper, the work of slaves uses a lot of strength and she is not suitable for such a life. Impossible… can she still survive?

When she was thinking about the various situations that might happen next, Mentus had already taken her off the horse and threw her to the ground. A few female servants rushed to meet and respectfully bowed to Mentus and Litah.

Litah followed Mentus and walked quickly to the depths of the palace while ordering a few servants, “She will attend the dinner tonight, clean and dress her well.”

“Yes.” The maids obeyed. Then, before Ivy could process what was happening, one of the maids took Ivy’s left arm and the other took her right arm before dragging her away.

“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?” Ivy instinctively resisted but the strength of the maids was too strong.

“Please follow us to the bathroom. Your clothes will be cleaned and kept for you. But tonight you have to attend an important party so you must be clean and dress up. His Royal Highness will also be there tonight.” The last half of the sentence carried hints of envy, making Ivy puzzled. This so-called “His Royal Highness” is referring to who? However, the only question she’s concerned about: “Are we in Egypt?”

As soon as the maids heard her question, they stopped at the same time and looked at her in a strange way before exchanging a look with each other. The one who looked pious exaggeratedly look up before worshipping. “Great God above, please forgive her ignorance! There are still people in the world who don’t know the vast and fertile sun country—Egypt. ”

Then, the other maid whose face reflected her feelings, instantly became unfriendly and with a faint hint of contempt said, “If you do not know Egypt, how did you seduce the Great Litah and Mentus to allow you to come to the palace?”

Right after the maid finished talking, they began to pull Ivy forward, making her feel dizzy. Ivy felt she was being wronged. Who seduces? Who wants to be brought back to an inexplicable place? If she was not forced, she would not be willing to be brought back!

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Hellooooo! Sorry for the wait, I didn’t realize how long the chapter was until I translated it. I thought about splitting the chapter in half so you could read it earlier but I always hated when translators did that cause I wanted to know what was gonna happen next. Also, I took your advice and decided to leave her name as Ivy. Thanks for the feedback and yes, I will continue this story:)

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